The Aviation Academy was a brilliant course that expands your knowledge of aviation and gives you the foundation to have a potential career in aviation. I found this course very beneficial and really enjoyed learning about aviation. After completing the course I succeeded in getting a job with Swissport I currently work as a Customer Service Agent in Baggage Tracing which is dealing with customers who have lost their luggage on route to Dublin and we take reports and help get their luggage back to Dublin and deliver it out to them. I am delighted to have got a job in this area as I get on really well with everyone I am working with and love working in the airport environment I am delighted to be working for Swissport.

Niall Concannon.(March 2015)

Attending the Aviation Academy Course “Introduction to Aviation” has helped me expand my love of aviation even further. It has opened so much more aspects to aviation that I had never known before and has giving me an even greater insight to working in the aviation industry. In the course everyday was different and learned everything from the phonetic alphabet to the special markings on the taxiway and everything in between.  The lecturer, Ms Deborah Kearns, is a very kind individual, who has worked in many roles in the airport, which gives her a unique advantage of presenting all the different roles in the industry in a professional and personal manner.
Ross Quinless (February 2015)

I  successfully completed a certificate course called Introduction To Aviation. This course enhanced my understanding of the aviation industry and broadened my knowledge . This course was very useful and very detailed. My lecturer Deborah Kearns gave me a wider knowledge in the various departments in the airport and because  of her I now know which area i would like to work in and progress to in the future. Thanks to her exceptional

skills in teaching. Thanks for sharing all your expertise with us and i hopefully will be able to implement it further into my future career In the airport. 
Stella Flynn

Recently I completed the  introduction to aviation course with Swissport. I found the course to be most interesting and our course tutor Deborah Kearns to be very friendly and knowledgeable on all aspects of the course. I would fully recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the subject or would like to work in the aviation industry. 

Trevor Murtagh

The day I saw the info centre and the Swissport staff promoting the course in the Aviation industry I thought it was exactly what I was looking for: the opportunity to share my passion for this sector with someone who loves it like me so I didn’t hesitate a second to take part in it! I must say it exceeded my expectation because I found it very serious and professional, a full immersion in a fascinating world that I won’t forget. The class, the new things I learned, the exciting Airport Tour, the people we met in those very enjoyable days fired up my desire to be back and work at the Airport again!A special THANKS to the Trainers who made it so interesting, they are absolutely brilliant…my compliments to them for the great job! 

Roberto Fazio 

I personally felt that the Introduction to Aviation Course was well presented and the learning environment was excellent. Attending the course was one of  the best decision I ever made in my life.It offered me the chance to fullfill my dream of working with people from all walks of life . Looking forward to be part of the Swissport family.   
Artwell Jani

This is a testimonial by Stewart Phelan, who was in our first Academy Class, at Dublin Airport:

I cannot believe the difference in myself and the other guys who attended the academy.To think that we are the same bunch of people is incredible.From the shy,first timers on day one at Air Canada Rouge to the confident,capable and willing group who no longer need to be led.
I personally am satisfied with my own performance to date and absolutely love my job.I really enjoy the drive to work each day,knowing that it will be a completely different day to yesterday and looking forward to meeting all the new passengers I will meet today.The only time the day disappoints me is clocking out time and I genuinely mean that.
I have found that the pressure that I work under daily is completely different to anything I have encountered before.Airport pressure is a combination of expectancy,scrutiny and consequence.I am sure Swissport feels the same pressure from its customers and airlines that it handles.Customers/passengers expect me to know my job,they will scrutinise me while I am doing my job and I know there will be consequences if I don’t perform my duties to the best of my abilities everyday.If you are not prepared to accept this form of pressure then airport life might not be for you.
This job has changed my outlook on work in general and has taught me that you can actually be happy in your career.
I wish I had made this change years ago.
Stewart Phelan

Stewart Phelan



Below is a testimonial by Shane Mc Gurrell, who partook  in our first Academy Class, in Dublin Airport and is now a Swissport agent working on America Airlines:

Shane Mc Gurrel and Anna Zabicka

I am really enjoying this job. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more. It can be quite challenging sometimes with delays and cancellations but I still love it. I am so grateful for being part of this team working for Swissport and being on the American Airlines team in T2.
Shane Mc Gurrell (pictured here with colleague, Anna Zabicka)

What brought me to the aviation academy ireland was my burning wish to become passenger service agent. My course at aviation academy ireland has been a really good experience, really intense 4 days, however very enjoyable! I loved every single day of the course as there was always something new to learn. Our instructor was amazing, she provided constant support and advice and you could really see that she had a passion for the Travel Industry. I was successful in the interview. I believe I would not be where I am now if I had not completed the course. I have and will continue to recommend your course to many people interested in the travel industry. I wish you continued success in the future and will keep you up to date with everything. Thank you very much.
Shenaz Wiech

For a while now I’ve been looking into changing my professional career and I would like to get into an aviation sector. I did my research and few job positions stood out for me. Taking part in Swissport’s course made everything clearer for me. Now I know where I eventually want to end up and which route to take to get there. Course wasn’t too long nor too short and we covered all the necessary basics and more, in a lovely atmosphere that was set by a very experienced and friendly tutor. There was plenty of theory that we went through plus we spent half a day at the airport where we were introduced to a variety of departments and we saw firsthand what was involved in working there.  I’m glad I took part in one of Swissport’s courses and I couldn’t recommend it more. A few days ago I had my first interview so hopefully in next few weeks I’ll become part of Dublin airport’s “family”.  

Tomas Forner

I want to say that I found the course very professional prepared and taught me many things about the aviation industry. On a scale from 0-10, I give  a complementary 10 for the good job done in all this time.  

Daniel Tzetze

My course at Aviation Academy Ireland has been a really good experience, however very enjoyable! I loved every single day of the course as there was always something new to learn. What really impressed me was the enthusiasm and encouragement I received from all the staff at Aviation Academy Ireland. They were all very keen to share their experiences.   –

Biju Joseph

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the week’s training we had with you and the Academy.

It was a fantastic introduction to working in the airline industry and I found it hugely enjoyable throughout. The personal highlight for me was the tour of airside – which was great fun and brilliant experience. While I’m still in the training segment of my new role, I feel the course laid down a great general introduction – both broad and enlightening. I hope very much that the course goes on to be a success for you and the company. I’m sure it will produce many more graduates and provide the spring board for many careers in the aviation industry.  –

Anna Zabicka